4 essentials for your team’s cloud stack

So your team is ready to roll and willing to collaborate, but you are running into roadblocks. It’s your software! You can’t seem to find the right mix that complements your team and doesn’t compete with them. Here are 4 industry-agnostic cloud tools that every team should use to collaborate, perform, and deliver.

QuickBooks Online

No one does it like QuickBooks. Track employee time, pass costs on to clients, pay vendors, run payroll, and communicate with your accountant through one beautiful portal that just makes sense. It’s simple, comprehensive, and it sits on the cloud instead of on an expensive and underused server at your office.


Communication is king, especially when your team is spread out and you need an update from them faster than an email will get you. The integration and usability is by far the best we’ve seen, and we use Slack constantly for our team’s communication. Share files. Notify your whole team or just specific people. Chat on channels or in direct messages. Slack has streamlined our office. Best of all, it’s free forever with a comprehensive plan.


Don’t scan a document, send it, have your client print it off and sign it, scan it again, and email it back. Just don’t.

DocuSign helps you scale. This software has saved us days of work during tax season. The interface that your clients use to sign documents is slick and easy. Our communication turnaround time to get forms signed and sent has dropped from a few days (in extreme cases) to an hour or two.

Office 365

The powerful and familiar Office apps we know in an evergreen production environment. Sync your email, calendar, and files in a seamless, collaborative environment. You can even share specific files and folders with those outside of your organization so they always have the latest version of what you’re working on. This has been great for our clients to hop on and see the updated version of their reports instead of having to send an email with more attachments for every change we make.