Backed by QuickBooks: Week Four

As part of our Backed by QuickBooks® program, this month QuickBooks® has spontaneously funded small businesses on crowdfunding platforms. This week, we backed three lucky businesses including a wide-calf boot company, a yoga studio and an innovative bib start-up.

Here’s a look at these amazing Backed by QuickBooks recipients:

Part & Parcel – San Francisco, CA

Part & Parcel is a wide-calf boot company founded by plus-size fashion blogger Lauren Jonas. Lauren was shocked to find out that 67 percent of women don’t fit into boots because standard boots are made with a 15” calf circumference, and most wide calf options are made with only a 16” circumference. Part & Parcel plans to offer 16″, 18″, 20″ and 22″ boot options and, to raise money for its boot development and production, Lauren started a Kickstarter campaign. With the contribution from Backed by QuickBooks, Lauren exceeded her fundraising goal and has raised over $45,000 to make Part and Parcel a reality.

Purna Yoga 828 – Asheville, NC

Letitia Walker has spent more than 10 years teaching yoga in the Asheville community. Over time, she has built a loyal, enthusiastic following of students and, when she found out that the building where she was teaching was closing, Letitia decided it was time to start her own studio. This fall, Letitia kicked off an Indiegogo campaign to raise capital and, with funding from Backed by QuickBooks, she raised more than $19,000 to open the Purna Yoga 828 studio in 2018. Upon receiving the Backed by QuickBooks funding Letitia said, “What QuickBooks is doing with this initiative is very in line with what Purna Yoga is doing – reaching out to people and helping them improve their lives. I am so excited to be receiving these gifts that will help me do my work easier, more efficiently, and will enable me to be more successful.”

Dare-U-Go – Los Angeles, CA

Dare-U-Go is an innovative bib that helps parents feed their kids on-the-go. It has unique compartments that hold and divide food to ensure healthy portions and prevent food from mixing. Dare-U-Go was founded by Lisa D’Amato, a former contestant and winner of America’s Next Top Model. She started a Kickstarter campaign this fall and, with the contribution from Backed by QuickBooks, raised more than $37,000 for product production. Lisa plans to ship Dare-U-Go this January.

As Backed by QuickBooks starts to wind down, there are only a few more chances for businesses to be Backed by QuickBooks. Stay tuned to see who the final recipients are!

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