Should your bookkeeping business have a website?

Should your bookkeeping business have a website? How about just a Facebook page? Maybe even nothing at all? These are questions I hear a lot, and in my opinion, you should absolutely have a website for your bookkeeping business. In fact, you should also invest in a very nice website, if you can.

The benefits of having a nice website

One of the things I’ve noticed is that when I had a more ‘homemade’ website, I attracted different kinds of clients than I do now. In fact, since I now have a much nicer website than before, I’m actually able to get premium clients. Having a website helps to add a credibility to your business. One thing that you definitely want to build, is your credibility – especially in terms of being able to get ideal clients. Getting premium clients is especially important because it ultimately adds to your credibility. The more credible you appear, the more your ideal client will place value on the services that you provide. (Yes, it can be that simple!)

What if you can’t afford a website right away?

If you can’t afford a full website right away, then you should at least have a one page landing so that there’s something for your ideal client to see when they are looking for your services.

What should your website have?

There are a few essential elements that your website must have. First, make sure that your website has an About Me page that lists of your services and tells a little bit about you and your company. Most importantly, it should have a ‘call to action‘ – which is essentially what you want prospective clients to do once they land on your page. Usually a call to action would mean that you want them to contact you in some way – whether they are calling you or booking an appointment with you using your online calendar. I currently use Acuity (which I love), because I get people booking appointments directly on my calendar every week and I don’t have to worry about people calling or emailing me. They just go right to my calendar and book an appointment.

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