How To Use Hashtags

Any business navigating the world of social media marketing needs to know how to use hashtags. What is a hashtag? On Twitter, a hashtag (denoted by the # symbol) turns any word or group of words that directly follow it into a searchable link. This allows users to organize content and track discussion topics based on those … Read more

From Drones to Building a Better Life for Those With Autism: QuickBooks and American Express

Entrepreneur Antonio Blazevic runs Meridian Geographic Information Systems (GIS), an innovative business that uses drones to take photos of damaged roofs to assess their condition for insurance claims. It’s a great business, but Antonio’s real dream is to open a neurodiversity recruiting firm to help people with autism find meaningful work. Antonio is an avid … Read more

What’s New in QBO: July 2018

No word captures that July feeling better than “independence” (“The heat index is what?” is technically five words). So, it’s only fitting that this month we’re rolling out new QuickBooks features that give you more freedom to work exactly how you want.  We have a sparkler-crate worth of goodies to unpack, so let’s get cracking.  … Read more

Taking Financing to New Heights With Fundbox and QuickBooks Online

Michele Brus started her company, FatBoyz Erecting, to provide experienced crews and tower crane services to high-rise buildings, hotels and hospitals all over Florida. Collectively, the FatBoyz crew has more than 30 years’ experience servicing tower cranes. As the CEO and office manager, Michele handles the office work for FatBoyz. She was updating the company’s QuickBooks® … Read more